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Now a day’s Classified website is one the best platform to add your AD in emerging internet world. Classified website is a powerful advertising stage which enables buyer and seller to promote their products and services with appropriate category. From the Classified website allows people to search classified advertise for free and paid as you want.
What does Classifieds do for all of these top e-Businesses, eCommerce web design and what it can do yours? Advertising gives your online community with effective means to attract and retain more visitors to your web site that allows users to your automated content creation, and provides access to significant additional revenue streams through its e-commerce websites and real-time credit card processing capabilities, as well as a built-in support for your advertising campaigns or third-party tools such as Google adsense. Now you can build and brand your own classifieds site with Classifieds websites.
You can sell any combination of listings, with unlimited pricing plans. Monetize your site with Google Adsense or similar programs. You can take payments directly on your site with a payment gateway or use PayPal standard as an inexpensive payment processor.
Classified website design was designed to make the search easy and confidential easy. Unlike search results, a generic list of sites related to any of the search word or phrase appears on these sites to provide more refined and relevant results. People can do a quick search by city or even the type of service. Not only the people can participate in discussion forums about various issues and even buy and sell items variety.
92 Technology is a full services classified website and portal development firm in Karachi Pakistan. We specialise in custom classified website development with appropriate technology. We work with you very closely with understanding your requirement, identify your goal and target audience. We are dedicated to provide top notch full featured classified website development Pakistan provide services to meet the challenges of your requirement with latest trends.

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Our Web Application Development Process:

A wide variety of software development models have evolved over the years and our web application development process follows differnet development models for different kinds of projects. Our model selection is based on the size of the project, urgency, client requirements and so on.

Listing Features:

  •  Title, Description, Contact Info, Map, Web Site, Condition, Quantity, Price, Terms, Photos(10), Coupons(add on), Video(add on)
  •  Featured Listings
  •  Unlimited Categories and Sub-Categories
  •  Upload Photos (10)
  •  Photos Automatically Resized
  •  More Listings from This Advertiser
  •  Ad View Counter.

Advanced Search Features:

  •  Search Category, Keywords, Location, Coupons (add on)
  •  Zip Code Proximity
  •  Saved Searches with Email Notices
  •  Featured Listings Display 1st in Search Results
  •  Paged Search Results – Previous, Next, Go To Page.

Search Engine Optimization:

  •  Automatic generation of unique page file names/urls
  •  Automatic generation of title, description, keyword and H1
  •  Advanced users can explicitly set Title, description, keyword, H1 via Backoffice
  •  Top and bottom of page text can be inserted/managed via Backoffice
  •  No special server software required.

Home Page Features:

  •  Separate Text Content for Registered and Unregistered Visitors
  •  Separate Featured Ads Display
  •  Quick Search Box
  •  Quick Browse by Category List.

Pricing Features:

  •  Unlimited Pricing Plans
  •  Pricing Plan Types – Individual Listing, Subscription(bulk) and Category Based Pricing Supported
  •  Pricing Plan Attributes – Title, Description, Price, Duration, Plan Attributes(featured, number of photos, URL, Video-with video add on, Coupon-with coupon add on), Sort Order.
  •  Coupons – Can be defined for customer disounts and redemptions are tracked
  •  Coupon Attributes – effective dates, percentage or fixed dollar amount, Maximum Uses, Limited by Purchase Type

Display Advertising Features:

  •  All Pages Support Display Advertising
  •  Header/Top/Right/Left/Middle/Bottom Page Locations
  •  Google Adsense Support Built In
  •  Graphic Banners, Text, Javascript, Flash, HTML Ads Supported
  •  Scheduled Start and End Date
  •  Different Ads by Category
  •  User Defined Display Sort Order.

Browse Features:

  •  By Category and Sub-Category
  •  By Location (Location Filter Add On)
  •  Paged Results – Previous, Next, Go To Page
  •  Featured Listings Display First

General Content Features:

  •  Classified Web Design FAQ’s
  •  Classified Web Design Links
  •  Classified Web Design News
  •  Classified Web Design Privacy Policy Page
  •  Classified Web Design Terms & Conditions Page
  •  Classified Web Design About Us page
  •  Classified Web Design Contact Us Page
  •  Classified Web Design Backoffice Content Management for All of these Pages.

Advanced Google Mapping:

  •  Google Maps for All Listings
  •  Automatic Geocoding of Addresses
  •  Advanced Map It Myself for Remote Locations
  •  Interactive Driving Directions
  •  V3 Maps API – no Google Maps API Key Needed

Backoffice Administration Features:

  •  Customers – View, edit, add, change, delete, send email, export, purge
  •  Listings – View, edit, add, change, delete, approve, browse, export, purge
  •  Category Management
  •  Site Text – Home page, Page Titles, Page H1 Tags
  •  Pricing Plan Management
  •  Reference Tables Such as Country, State, FAQ, Postal Codes, Etc.
  •  Display Ad Management
  •  Email Templates to Control Text Sent in Email Messages
  •  Settings Wizard for Site Setup and Preferences

Customer Self Service Features:

  •  On-line Registration With Email Validation
  •  Classified Login/Logout
  •  Classified Remember Me
  •  Classified Forgotten Password
  •  Classified Profile Update
  •  Classified Personal Privacy Preferences Including Anonymous
  •  Classified Refer Friend
  •  Classified My Account Control Panel
  •  Classified Create Listing, Edit Listing, View Listing
  •  Classified Run Listing, Stop Listing, Delete Listing, Extend Listing
  •  Classified Email Notices for Saved Searches
  •  Classified Email Notices for Expired Listings and Subscriptions
  •  Classified Personal Profile
  •  Classified web development Personal Photo
  •  Classified web development Saved Favorites

Security Features:

  •  Classified web development Security Codes (“Captcha”) on Forms
  •  Classified web development Registration Validation Via Email
  •  Classified web development SSL encryption for Credit Card Processing
  •  Classified web development Credit Card Data Never Stored on Your Server for PCI Compliance

Our Skills

Our team of design and programming professionals is ready for any challenge no matter how difficult or complex.

  •  Jobs Classified Website.
  •  Cars Classified Website.
  •  Auto Classified Website.
  •  Real Estate Classified Website.
  •  Pets Classified Website.
  •  Cars Classified Website.
  •  Classified Portal Development.
  •  Online Classified Advrtising Website.

"This how we Create"

A dream Website For You!


First, we conduct a proper analysis using the information you have provided about your brand and making the use of our research skills to ensure that your website has all the things that are needed to stay in the competition.


Once we are done with the research and analysis, then we create a proper plan to work on your website. This includes the planning related to the design and the development that how your website would become SEO friendly and highly interactive.


After planning the next step is about implementing the plan to create a website that would be bringing profits for your business. This will include the different onsite changes and addition of functional designs ensuring the quality to provide you with the effective platform for your business


We ensure to deliver the order to our customers on the time that is according to their needs having the quality that would be eliminating all sort of risks and the doubts you have about your website. We would like to receive the feedback from our customers